My First Post – Hello!

Welcome to North East Fashionista – my own fashion, health, & fun blog. I had been wanting to start my own blog for a while and decided to begin tonight! This blog is to share some some fashion, health, adventures, and fun.

I just got back from a trip in the Cayman Islands with my mom, dad, sister Lauren, her husband Jeff, and my boyfriend John. It was absolutely fantastic. Below is where I share some pictures of the vacation with you!

Me and John:

(The dress below is from Macys)

4lyThinriwHu6l21JzmwKtKSMAwOo1q7hHffVF4tnyw vvQ0nB1pK8Y7UHUJT7MPy438PV9393ZBUJGnSyBdSlo


My sister was kind enough to take these pictures of us on the beach. We stayed on Seven Mile Beach and we all absolutely loved it!!     e5FvDvf3J6ozUnEY1fV_LvcTgHTxtwgRKLUZVNzcvrA

The pictures below were taken right before we went Bioluminescence Kayaking at Rum Point.

It was such a great experience! You could literally see stardust when you put your hands in the water, which are microorganisms. Our tour guide, Tom, did a great job of leading me, John and fours others in the dark in our three kayaks. We passed a 5.5 million condo along the way -=which was absolutely breathtaking.


The shirt I wore above is from Express, the hairband is from Claires, my skirt is from WetSeal, and my shoes are from DSW.


This picture John took of me with his under water case – LPkljiNRA-8GooIcpaSACQqtSFra5R0ArCONB6tZx14

More photos of the vacation in the Cayman Islands-

CNS4LjVGDW_5Ak7RwUv1NKtwvYFkOELEpDVFLfYyUXU Ylw32Ux7783qlIEZaGpO1DZ3OY-xMR_gk6hIyUkkVlM  DiJiEH4pjaZkiyuilVro3LW4VHXTd2oz6whS_PwJrAo,N510epJUo-Tc-tksCRtqT-HtkwXcLTNesrTemg75WUw 611NchlC-2lu2e231SlTKfiik87XqueLaukin5hBt9U,7r0zIO5TcoyxHaKD4_CZqLc4kPoMed87zkPxlQXDnlA tsv3Negs9E6SBYOXmcIYMObuEfIHuRW9nWXRaC-roxU

This was the outside of the condo and pool! Just a breathtaking view. I can’t get over the beautiful look! o6lzrDlve2DEPPcpVQknl5TrB9zXZMe2ukgcvxJm-kU ffjmdb6TfLCaUKGO4NXHTJO6xalJDl5I9I0HFm701ME

The beach was right outside our condo. It was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever had. The first picture John took with his under water camera case which he brought from for only $20!

6jctivqZ6ay_8Rnpvz8t6B2Azxg88Y7ULXvuz-lj1VA IIBn7IIU3oyFkUNzA4ZRS8klYUIHw-DyNccnVYTrLc4

Thanks for reading my first blog post about the vacation that I just got back from. I look forward to hearing from you and writing more posts.



North East Fashionista


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