Christmas 2014

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! My Christmas Day began in Vermont with John, his brother Ben, his mom, and step dad Mark. We began the day talking over breakfast which includesd eggs, cinnamon rolls, potatoes and bacon. It was delicious as their breakfasts usually are.



After breakfast, we opened our presents and were very happy with what we got each other. Sandy, their black doberman, is one of the most friendliest pitbulls I have ever met in my life who had joined us for Christmas.



It’s impossible not to love her.

After the gift exchange, we went for a short walk outside on the icy roads of Vermont.
Below is the road we walked on. Luckily, John got me snow trax as part of my gifts right before the walk. I would highly recommend them as you simply place them on your shoes during icy weather so you don’t slip on ice. They worked like a charm.


Below is Mark, Diana, John and Sandy



The air in Vermont is as fresh as can be and scenery is beyond breathtaking.



Below is the beautiful view of the river outside their house


During the afternoon and evening, we went to a Chinese restaurant that Men’s girlfriend Alison works at, and then went to John’s Dad’s house where we exchanged gifts. We got back home in Massachusetts by 11 pm and had a great time with everyone.

I missed my family in NY and and NJ this year and look forward to seeing them at other upcoming holidays!

Have a great week 🙂

Michelle Korn


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