Christmas 2014

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! My Christmas Day began in Vermont with John, his brother Ben, his mom, and step dad Mark. We began the day talking over breakfast which includesd eggs, cinnamon rolls, potatoes and bacon. It was delicious as their breakfasts usually are.



After breakfast, we opened our presents and were very happy with what we got each other. Sandy, their black doberman, is one of the most friendliest pitbulls I have ever met in my life who had joined us for Christmas.



It’s impossible not to love her.

After the gift exchange, we went for a short walk outside on the icy roads of Vermont.
Below is the road we walked on. Luckily, John got me snow trax as part of my gifts right before the walk. I would highly recommend them as you simply place them on your shoes during icy weather so you don’t slip on ice. They worked like a charm.


Below is Mark, Diana, John and Sandy



The air in Vermont is as fresh as can be and scenery is beyond breathtaking.



Below is the beautiful view of the river outside their house


During the afternoon and evening, we went to a Chinese restaurant that Men’s girlfriend Alison works at, and then went to John’s Dad’s house where we exchanged gifts. We got back home in Massachusetts by 11 pm and had a great time with everyone.

I missed my family in NY and and NJ this year and look forward to seeing them at other upcoming holidays!

Have a great week 🙂

Michelle Korn

Celebration of Lights

Hi everyone!

Happy Holidays!

I just wrote an entire post for over an hour. Unfortunately, WordPress decided to delete it out of no where. I thought it was being saved and apparently not… It’s a good thing I enjoy writing blog posts 🙂

I hope everyone is having blessed holidays filled with family, fun, laughter, and more.

Weekend recap

Friday after work, I met up with a variety of my coworkers at a Japanese restaurant where we had drinks and dinner together. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again with everyone!

The rest of the weekend included work, getting measured for my good friend Leanne’s wedding in June as she asked me to be her bridesmaid and things like that.

It was so great to hear from the David’s Bridal employee who was measuring me for the dress that she thought I had the perfect hourglass figure. I ordered the dress Leanne requested in Ivory, and I am looking forward to it coming in the mail.

Later that day, I met up with my good friends Elex and Diego at La Salette, a celebration of 300,000 acres of Christmas lights! It was very cold out and totally worth it for the view!





My next post will be what I did for Christmas!


Michelle Korn

Moved Closeby + Wedding Weekend!


I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had any time to blog with working over 40 hours a week, going to the gym, hanging out with John, and more!

Two weeks ago, John and I moved about 10 to 15 minutes down the road to a much bigger space. We went from a small apartment to a good size townhouse with two bedrooms, two floors, laundry in the kitchen, off street parking, and wood floors. Both places have laundry in the unit which I like, and the laundry machine in the small apartment was bigger. Both the new and old places have off street parking, laundry in the unit, hardwood floors, and are in the same town which I like as well. My new place is about 15 minutes closer to work which is always very help on busy traffic mornings and evenings.

In our new place, we have a bigger patio and are allowed to keep Kayaks, bikes, a gas grill outside, and more where as the old apartment would not allow that.

I’m really happy with the new place as it is bigger and surprisingly less money than the small apartment. The small apartment did have a pool nearby as well as a small gym, which we belonged to, and had to pay extra for.

Our new place is a month to month lease and we do not plan on leaving any time soon. We looked at over 20 places in a few weeks and did not find anything like it for our budget.

This weekend Recap –

Friday began with work and then I met with my parents at the new apartment that me and John are renting. They brought over the Rum that we got from Cayman Islands (see previous post) to give to our friends Elex and Diego at their wedding (that happened yesterday). They brought over my snow tires as well which John will be putting on this week since he is a mechanic. We both work for the same company in the auto instrustry and do complete opposed jobs.

My parents and I went out to a Thai Cuisine in the center of town where we met with John after work as well. We ordered a variety of dishes that were all shared, and had a good time chatting.

After the restaurant, we went back to the apartment and chatted for at least a good hour before my parents headed back to New York at their house.

We decided to call it a night and go to sleep as we work six days a week and were ready to end the day.

Saturday mornings I am usually up early to head off to work, however on this special day 12/13/14 our friends Elex and Diego were getting married. I began the day with some yoga and stretching and we then went to a hair salon where our friend does a wonderful job on both of our hair. I am very impressed with how lovely Linda and Angela curled it. They easily blow dried my hair straight (it’s naturally curly) and then curled it with a curling iron. The last time I had my hair like this was at my sister’s wedding three years ago!

We then went back to the apartment and got ready to head out for the wedding for the weekend. We arrived at 3 pm and the wedding ceremony began at 4 pm.


Below was me right before the ceremony took place –



After the ceremony, we went to the party where we danced the night away and chatted away. We did the electric slide, the cha cha, and danced to music from the 80’s the most recent music. We then all stayed over at the Best Western Hotel and met up the next morning.

Below is John and the Groom Diego



Below is me during the cocktail hour by the beautiful Christmas tree and presents-






John and I during the cocktail hour-


Fashion: The light pink dress is from David’s Bridal shower.


Below from the left to right on the dance floor – John, Diego, Elex, and me


Below is the room before it filled up with Elex’s friends and family –




Lots of fun and I look forward to seeing everyone that was there again for possibly new years!

Sunday 12/14/14

Sunday began with branch with the newlyweds, bridesmaids, groomsmen and more. The couple was happy with their wedding ceremony, party, and gifts. I’m so happy for them and wish them the best of luck!


John and I said our goodbyes and headed home where we got ready to go to the gym, lenscrafters to get me a new pair of glasses, and the mall where we went to the apple store for a couple of hours to fix an itunes problem. It now works and I can buy music again. Yay!

We then went back to our place where we had homemade chicken with salad and later we relaxed on the couch and had some popcorn.

Look forward to hearing from you!


-Michelle Korn

My First Post – Hello!

Welcome to North East Fashionista – my own fashion, health, & fun blog. I had been wanting to start my own blog for a while and decided to begin tonight! This blog is to share some some fashion, health, adventures, and fun.

I just got back from a trip in the Cayman Islands with my mom, dad, sister Lauren, her husband Jeff, and my boyfriend John. It was absolutely fantastic. Below is where I share some pictures of the vacation with you!

Me and John:

(The dress below is from Macys)

4lyThinriwHu6l21JzmwKtKSMAwOo1q7hHffVF4tnyw vvQ0nB1pK8Y7UHUJT7MPy438PV9393ZBUJGnSyBdSlo


My sister was kind enough to take these pictures of us on the beach. We stayed on Seven Mile Beach and we all absolutely loved it!!     e5FvDvf3J6ozUnEY1fV_LvcTgHTxtwgRKLUZVNzcvrA

The pictures below were taken right before we went Bioluminescence Kayaking at Rum Point.

It was such a great experience! You could literally see stardust when you put your hands in the water, which are microorganisms. Our tour guide, Tom, did a great job of leading me, John and fours others in the dark in our three kayaks. We passed a 5.5 million condo along the way -=which was absolutely breathtaking.


The shirt I wore above is from Express, the hairband is from Claires, my skirt is from WetSeal, and my shoes are from DSW.


This picture John took of me with his under water case – LPkljiNRA-8GooIcpaSACQqtSFra5R0ArCONB6tZx14

More photos of the vacation in the Cayman Islands-

CNS4LjVGDW_5Ak7RwUv1NKtwvYFkOELEpDVFLfYyUXU Ylw32Ux7783qlIEZaGpO1DZ3OY-xMR_gk6hIyUkkVlM  DiJiEH4pjaZkiyuilVro3LW4VHXTd2oz6whS_PwJrAo,N510epJUo-Tc-tksCRtqT-HtkwXcLTNesrTemg75WUw 611NchlC-2lu2e231SlTKfiik87XqueLaukin5hBt9U,7r0zIO5TcoyxHaKD4_CZqLc4kPoMed87zkPxlQXDnlA tsv3Negs9E6SBYOXmcIYMObuEfIHuRW9nWXRaC-roxU

This was the outside of the condo and pool! Just a breathtaking view. I can’t get over the beautiful look! o6lzrDlve2DEPPcpVQknl5TrB9zXZMe2ukgcvxJm-kU ffjmdb6TfLCaUKGO4NXHTJO6xalJDl5I9I0HFm701ME

The beach was right outside our condo. It was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever had. The first picture John took with his under water camera case which he brought from for only $20!

6jctivqZ6ay_8Rnpvz8t6B2Azxg88Y7ULXvuz-lj1VA IIBn7IIU3oyFkUNzA4ZRS8klYUIHw-DyNccnVYTrLc4

Thanks for reading my first blog post about the vacation that I just got back from. I look forward to hearing from you and writing more posts.



North East Fashionista